Books by Dr. Verma and their Availability


The World of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Yoga:

The Oldest and Holistic System of Medicine

The Ayurveda Pioneer

Dr. Vinod Verma’s Authentic and Value-added Work on all aspects of yoga and Ayurveda

Dr. Verma is the first one to present to the world the ancient wisdom in a scientific manner with modern metaphor and with a new paradigm. She has been doing research since 1980s and her first books appeared in late eighties.


Books written by Dr. Verma

The following books were published between 1987 and 2009. Some books are in the process of reprinting and are not yet available.

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·         Ayurveda: A Way of Life (Published in English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Czech, Portuguese and Hindi).

A complete and comprehensive book to attain knowledge about the fundamental basis of Ayurveda and its practical aspects in everyday life. It is the first book ever to present Ayurvedic wisdom in an analytical and scientific manner and with the supportive citations from the original ancient manuscripts. (First published in 1990 and latest is the revised edition) Available at 


·     Ayurveda for Inner Harmony: Nutrition, Sexual Energy and Healing (Published in  English, German, Italian, French, Romanian and Hindi).

This book deals with the three principal aspects of Ayurveda for health and healing and importance of these aspects for our well-being. Balanced nutrition, equilibrium in sexuality and spiritual therapy (along with rational and mental therapies) are some major aspects in Ayurvedic treatment. (First published in 1992 and latest is the revised edition) Available at   


·     Programming Your Life with Ayurveda (Published in German, French, Czech and English)

This is the first ever workbook on Ayurveda and has the practical aspects of daily routine, weekly routine, seasonal routine, monthly routine and half yearly cleansing practices. Description is given with each detail so that you can learn and do on your own. It has also healing remedies for maintaining balance and promoting strength. (First published in 2001)   


·    Companionship and Sexuality: Based on Ayurveda and the Hindu tradition. (Published in English and German)

Sexuality is the nucleus of companionship and companionship is the protective cover for sexuality. Based upon the three characteristic qualities- sattva (stillness), rajas (action) and tamas (inertia), the book highlights the primordial differences between men and women and provides practical methods for enhancing understanding and harmony. (First published in 2002)


·     Ayurvedic Food Culture and Recipes (Published in English, German and Hindi)

Disciplined way of eating is as important in Ayurveda, as the right combination of ingredients. After the descriptions of the fundamental principles of Ayurvedic nutrition and consumption of food, the recipes of breakfast, main meals, desserts, drinks, side dishes and some other foods are given. (First published in 2001). Available at .


·   Aum: The Infinite Energy: Techniques for Stability, Strength and Stress Management (Published US/UK editions, Indian edition and in German)

Aum signifies the totality of the cosmos. Repetition of AUM helps develop mental lucidity, intuition and enhances work efficiency. The present book teaches you how to imbibe AUM practices in your daily routine and benefit for health and healing. (First published in 2007). available at


·   Losing Weight with Ayurvedic Diet  (Published US/UK edition, Indian edition and in German)

Contrary to the most available diets, the wholesome Ayurvedic diet is delicious and health and beauty promoting. Based upon Ayurvedic principles, it is the result of Dr. Verma’s long time research.


·     Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra: A Scientific Exposition (Published in English, Hindi and German).

A translation and commentary of the Yoga Sutras, made easily comprehensible with charts and drawing, and shows the systematic and scientific aspects of yogic wisdom. (First published in 1996)          


·      Patanjali and Ayurvedic Yoga (Published in English, German and Hindi).

Charaka has laid a great emphasis on yogic practices for health. The principal theme of the book is to learn to integrate the discipline of body and mind from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras to attain good health and inner peace. (First published in 1997). Available at  


·      Yoga: A Natural Way of Being (Published in English, German, French, Italian and Hindi)

This book has simple methods to adopt a yogic way of life for physical strength and mental harmony. Through very simple exercises and a nine-week plan, you can learn yogic exercises, postures and concentration practices on your own.

(First published in 1988) Available at


·   Losing and Maintaining Weight with Ayurveda and Yoga (Published in English (UK, USA) and German)

 Over-weight is a perpetual problem of modern times. The book tells you not simply the methods to reduce weight or diets for doing so, but also all those factors and actions which enhance weight. This holistic diet will not only make you slim but also will improve your health.  (First published in 2007) Available at .


·     Good Food for Dogs: Vegetarian Nourishment based on Ayurvedic Wisdom (Published in English UK/USA and German).

Pet dogs are mostly given industrial food- either dried or canned. It is not good for their health. Fresh food gives as much pleasure to dogs as to human beings. Dogs can be fed very simple but healthy vegetarian food. According to Ayurvedic wisdom, health norms are the same for dogs or other living beings, as for humans. (First published in 2007) Available at    


·      Shiva’s Secrets for Health and Longevity 2009 German

This book takes the reader to the abode of Shiva in the Himalayas and tells the ancient stories of cosmogony and cosmology related to this first family of the cosmos. Shiva as Cosmic Energy and Shakti as Cosmic Substance form this phenomenal world by their fusion. The gods, humans, animals, vegetation, mountains, minerals- are all a part of this dynamic cosmos and everything is interrelated, interconnected and interdependent. Health and well-being are     nothing but to be in harmony with the cosmic rhythm.



·         Pulse Diagnose in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine

Abbildung in Arbeit  This book describes the importance of pulse diagnose and all the practical methods of learning that. The Chinese part has been written by Dr. Florian Ploberger who is a well known physician of TCM from Vienna. (2009)


Following books are out of print in English at the moment and are in the process of getting republished.

·         The Kamasutra for Women (Published in English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Hindi and Malayalam). 

This book describes for the first time the primordial difference between men and women based on the three qualities of Prakriti- The Cosmic Substance. Menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and their relationship to women’s sexuality are an important part of this book. The three phases of sexual act and sexuality and spirituality are the other highlights. (First published in 1994)               


·         Stress-free Work with Yoga and Ayurveda (Published in German, English and Hindi)

Tension and stress built at physical and mental level while working can cause several different kinds of aches and pains. Simple yogic and Ayurvedic practices and methods are given to maintain a balance and to keep good health. A sixteen minutes daily programme to maintain physical fitness and inner peace is the highlight of this book. (First published in 1996)               


·         The Natural Glamour: The Ayurveda Beauty Book (Published in German, Romanian and English)

The book emphasises the concept of roopa, the inner radiation all of us have and how to highlight it with various practices like inner cleaning, outer care and mental balance. The book is meant for all: men, women and children. (First published in 2003)               


·         Timeless Wisdom of Ayurveda: A Scientific Exposition (in press)

This is a small book to give you an exposure to Ayurveda and its holistic approach that touches all aspects of your life.


·         The Two Mysteries of Ayurveda: Prakriti and Pulse (published only Pulse part in German).

Prakriti is the fundamental constitution and reveals the behavioural psychology of an individual. It is the inner human face that can be seen with careful observations. It helps understanding people physically and mentally and can be used not only for health and healing but also for enhancing understanding. Pulse examination reveals the state of body and mind for an Ayurvedic physician. This book is a practical guide to learn these two aspects of Ayurveda.


Some press reports and book reviews

On Yoga for Integral Health

In Bioenergetik
Books on the subject of yoga are as numerous as sand grains on the sea...but this book has depth which several other works lack on the subject. ...This book can certainly be counted as a pearl amongst the numberless books on the theme of yoga.

In Esotera by Elmar Gruber
Vinod Verma speaks from a profound knowledge of philosophical and spiritual tradition of India... For the practice of yoga, the author puts forth a very well designed programme in nine steps with yogabhyasa (yogic exercises) and yogic postures (yogasanas). Verma’s book, without exaggeration, is exclusive in the rich yoga literature.

Borsenblatt des Deutschen Buchhandels
With a sound background of Eastern philosophy and with a rich experience in working in the renowned institutions of the world, the medical scientist, Vinod Verma puts forward a health programme through yoga... Written with a didactic clarity, this copiously illustrated book pleasantly facilitates the yogic practice.

In The Hindustan Times by Khushwant Singh
....Anyway, there are hundreds of books on Yoga, with same kinds of pictures of yogasanas, holding out the same kind of promises for physical and mental well being. But this book is different in approach. It has none of the pseudo-religious clap-trap that goes into most books on yoga. It made better sense. I was not surprised that it has been published in German, French and Italian.


On Ayurveda

Dr. Walter A. Frank
From technical point of view, the author of this fascinating book has made possible for the westerners to understand Ayurveda. ....A fascinatingly complete representation of Ayurveda- a highly recommended book!

Pharma Marketing Journal
All the methods and recipes in this book are made understandable and feasible and they are also for the Westerners.

The special thing about this Ayurveda self-help book is that each reader can understand his individual nature and sensitivities and can clearly serve to the individual needs....

Khushwant Singh in The Tribune ...there is still a lurking suspicion that ayurveda, yunani and homeopathy are not scientific: only allopathy is. How unfair this assumption is I learnt after reading Dr. Verma’s Ayurveda: A Way of Life.

On Kamasutra for Women

Tanze, Vienna
Kamasutra for Women, written by a woman, an Indian, cell biologist, neurobiologist as well as an Ayurvedic doctor, is a powerful, good, noble, daring and audacious piece of work. ...This book is good, noble, intellectual and gives food for thought.

VHK Volksheilkunde
This book is much more than what is commonly associated in the West and understood by Kamasutra.

Rupert Sheldrake
Sheds a completely new light on the Kamasutra!

On Dr. Verma

Times of India
There could not have been more reliable authority on the subject of holistic health than Dr. Verma...

Indian Express
Few persons are as eminently qualified to talk about holistic health as Vinod Verma whose impeccable research in modern medicine only strengthens her belief that the ancient secrets of Ayurveda may offer a complete solution to present day ailments.

Life Positive

 'The First Lady of Ayurveda’ 

 Dr. Verma has been writing columns for several magazines in India and Germany.